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I had one and foolishly sold it.  This is my favorite color combo and I would be SO GRATEFUL to anyone who would consider one selling me.  

I would pay top dollor for it too.  Seriously, I mean that.  I will make it worth YOUR TIME.  I have lots of 32oz & 52oz globes available for trade or too bump the price down.  I just have to have a Lava World Red/Blue 52oz globe. Must be USA made.   

Please, someone out there make this lava fanboy happy!!!  :D :D :D 

UPDATE:  Also looking for a spare 52oz yellow/blue USA globe?  Those were very common.  Anyone have one they'd like to sell me?

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Well I'm not going to give up.  I know there are people on here who have one.  Hopefully they have an extra one or two and need some cash.

Money IS NOT AN ISSUE.  Seriously, name a price.  I have a NEVER USED 2001 Americana Lava Lite Lamp I'd be willing to part with or trade???

Anyone...? :)

wish i could help, but unfortunately i can not.  could you pick up one of the current offerings from Spencer's in the mean time?  a few members have posted photos and comments about the current lineup of china lamps, and they are favorable.  i think they are only $21 or so last i checked.

^ I'm still debating that.  I don't know how I feel about that though.  I was under the impression they were bringing back production to the US in 2013.

$21 for a lamp that will last maybe a year.  I know I'd rather pay $50-60 for a quality lamp.  :/

UPDATE:  Also looking for a spare 52oz yellow/blue USA globe?  Those were very common.  Anyone have one they'd like to sell me?

 PM me, im pretty sure I have a extra yellow/blue stashed somewhere. I will look this weekend.

Matt said:

UPDATE:  Also looking for a spare 52oz yellow/blue USA globe?  Those were very common.  Anyone have one they'd like to sell me?

Matt, don't do it!!  Our's came from Spencers online for Christmas and it was super cloudy.  The replacement they sent was cloudy.  The glass has excessive bubbles.  I've opened up nearly every lava lamp we recently purchased/had replaced from LL.  I goo-kitted two of them.  Cracked one other globe (oops!).  Turned another one into a clear/black. Replaced the liquid in yet another.  Ready to goo kit another.  AND I am ACTUALLY thinking of cracking open my 52 oz. blue/red lava, replacing the liquid and re-coloring it.  But HOW would I get the bubbles out of the glass!??  It looks like a starfield.

Matt said:

I highly doubt anyone would be willing to sell a rare gem like a USA red/blue globe; so I'm actually tempted to buy this:



What I can say about the new ones is that I bought a purple/yellow 52 ounce at Spencer's on Saturday and it's very good, FAR better than the orange/black I returned, They had the blue/red combo and I was tempted but the one on display wasn't very bright and my others are. The employee there said that the ones on display were old (the yellow neon was so cloudy I thought it was orange/orange) and run 12+ hours a day so like the neon yellow, it may have had dead lava at the bottom of the globe.

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