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Hi folks.
Is anybody here who know something about the blue mathmos bulbs.
Today I get 3 blue bulbs from a human who work at mathmos. But I get 2 bulbs with a milky glass body and one totaly clear. You can see it in the picture. Wich bulb was provided for the Fluidium? Was it the clear??? And wich bulb was provided for the Astro 3in1. I saw that the clear bulbs is a little bit darker.

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they will only heat fluidium 1 lamps not the newer fluidium 2.
it is a shame, they look cool with coloured bulbs. :(
Just to clarify again, Fluidium 1's had the glass heat shield, and the colour boosting bulbs (and a different formula master fluid) which enables the wax to flow at a lower heat from the colour boosting bulbs.
Fluidium 2's had NO heat shield and a different bulb (40w reflector) and NO colour boosting bulbs.
the way you tell them apart is the logo on the bottle 1's have the Ross Lovegrove logo and 2's have the Mathmos logo. I had a cloudy fluidium 1 and bought a fluidium 2 bottle swap the clear liquid with, and it no longer worked with the blue coloured bulb.
If you have a fluidium 2 bottle which flows OK with a green bulb, then you are lucky (or not)! ;)

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