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Well in April i got a purple clear century. It was more like purple wax and white milk. After cycling for a while it is now crystal clear. The flow is okay, it seems that the lava gathers at the top most of the time, but it fine. The problem i have is on the inside of the globe there is a very very very thin layer of something white. You can see through it fine, but when i see it everyday it just annoys me. How can i fix this? Should i open it and just scrub the globe with a tooth brush? If i do that do i pour out the water or keep it in? Also could the flow be a coil issue, and if so could i replace the coil or add another?


All help is appreciated.

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About the dirt on the globe - yea go for it and scrub it away, I would keep the water though.

I reckon the flow is down to it over heating possibly by a dogie coil so replacing that might help. To be honest I think if you run it with a frosted bulb and put it on a dimmer to reduce the heat it should sort out the flow issue.

P.s. - any chance of posing a picture of the coil
Tim i have tried dimming and there is a frosted bulb. The flow isn't bad, but it is like china flow (actually my china has better flow, seriously). Bohdan would mine reappear and if i drain it do i have to drain the wax too, or just the fluids? Do you think new fluids would help?

Yea I recken new water would be the best idea - that's probley the reason behind the dogey flow.


salt water?
I may do this. IDK though i just want a good recommendation. http://www.finkbuilt.com/blog/lava-repair/

the other methord (which i wil try on a china lamp soon) is this epson salt and DI water mix


I think the lava was once baked and had an extreme overheat and it now flows like china. Bohdan, in your oppinion would the link i posted work well? Tim, i tried the epsom salt thing three times and batched it everytime. LOL


EDIT: If i do do the formula how could i color the wax? oil pastels?

well i have everything i need except the perc so i'm pretty much set. I can pay much right now. Dont have much left in the lava budget. Have you ever done the recipie?
Ok this sound fun, i love science expiriments. One last question can I color the wax with oil pastels?
ok im going to get some perc now and start the fun!

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