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Does any one know how many Phantomlite Colours were produced?

Does anyone know?

I've got a copper one, and a rose gold (?) coloured one, and I've seen seen CrestworthLimited's deep purple one pictured on this site.

Any other colours out there?

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Or can anyone simply confirm if they've seen a chrome one before?


I thought I was doing pretty well just to find a copper example. Have you found a chrome one?

I have!

It even comes with the elusive bottom half which transforms it into a sphere.

Unfortunately it's missing the circular piece for the top (the piece that's pop riveted on), which I would imagine devalues it significantly.

wow, awesome find. I'm sure you could get someone to apply chrome to a copper top if you had a spare?

Now you've got me thinking....

What about the 90's reissue? The rare as hens' teeth black cased Cosmos!
I'd heard about the Chrome but never seen one.

So now looking for a spare top :)

Looks rubbish mate, I think you should sell it to me. :D
Joking aside, did all phantoms come with a bottom section or was it an optional extra?

Some pictures of the 'supplementary base' here: http://frink.machighway.com/~edwardcr/optics/crestworth.html

Looks really nice, Mark - aside from the "museum" shots that's the first one I've seen in the flesh...

It was called the SuperPhantom I believe.

You can visualise some designer looking at a standard Phantom and saying, "you know what...?"

Looks good in sphere mode, and chrome too. Great find!

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