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Does mathmos give notice when discontinuing products?

There's some colourways I particularly like and would like to buy spares of, but need to budget to spread the cost.  Ditto the lamps themselves (colours like black/copper).

Do mathmos give advance notice when they are discontinuing something, or do they just disappear from the store one day?

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I've never seen them give any notice myself, they just disappear. It's annoying when they bottles disappear, especially if it's a colour way you like, it's happened to us many times over the years. 

However, if they are selling limited editions of a lamp, they just sell out and then they are gone. You have to be quick with limited editions they sell out near instantly. 

That's disappointing, a head's up would be nice!  Seeing the metallic on the site just sitting there saying "sold out" made me wonder how they handle stocking, especially as it doesn't seem to have 'limited edition' indicated anywhere.

I guess I'll just have to prioritise and hope for the best. 

Thanks for clarifying :)

A while ago, word spread in the forum, that the red-red Neos were gone from Mathmos' site.

On the German site they still had em and I bought one instantly, which was luck, cause 14 days later they were also discontinued in Germany.

huh, interesting...

There do seem to be some differences between the sites, definitely will keep that in mind.

Thank you for pointing that out!

Ah, never mind, it seems the individual European mathmos websites will only ship to their specific country.

That's a shame

I remember them putting a last chance to buy warning on social media when the Fluidium was being discontinued a while back, but over the past year or so quite a few options have been quietly dropped, including the blue and gold anodised Astros.


in a similar situation, would quite like a copper or black Astro at some point but am torn between not wanting to overspend and the fear of these models being withdrawn without warning, I was convinced the copper variant had been, or was about to be scrapped as it had been listed as out of stock for some time, but it seems to be back again for now.

Indeed, it is a bit of a shame.

I'm hoping the black will last a little longer as they just released the black io, and the black firefly is fairly recent too I think, but who knows.

It's the copper I'm more interested in but I'm not in a position to just drop a load of money and buy them.

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