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This was the lamp I posted the other day. The bulb it came with wasn't heating enough to get it to flow so i bought a new one at the store. 


I keep comparing to my mathmos that I think has a good flow 


Should I fix it or is it fine as is? I enjoy the constant motion and blob variety of my mathmos but the crestworth has a tendency to snake and only when its falling will it create blobs rather than making it from the coil. I know people like the snaking, but I think it snakes a little too much. 


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Hi Jezza thanks for the reply. After observing it for many hours, I've grown to appreciate its flow. it will transition from the snake column then too regular blobs then so on ☺

Jezza said:

Hi Michael. I can assure you, your lamps are working perfectly.

Crestworth and early Mathmos astro lamps are well known for their snaking properties and are becoming sought after for their uniqueness. 

I prefer snaking lamps. But you can also replace the bottle in your lamp if you wanted a more traditional lava blob effect. 

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