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Lava Lite has finally released their "double play" lamp- a lava core surrounded by glitter. It looks pretty, and its a little larger than the 52oz lamps. It says its a 18.5" lamp, as opposed to the 16.3" that is the 52oz. I really want to see a video, and I want to see the lamp in person, but it costs $109.99!! Is it really worth it?? I wonder if it will be successful at all... I will not purchase for that price, especially without seeing a video first... Here is a link to the page. http://www.lavalamp.com/premier-lava-lamp

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Kirk....the Giant is awesome. Not sure I'd say better than Mathmos completely, the Lunar has stellar flow. The Giant is more interesting that an Astro, but not so much when compared to the Lunar. To me the larger bottle capacity is what makes the Giant and Lunar so good when compared to an Astro or other smaller lamp assuming equal wax quality.

Kirk said:

Agreed, Bill.  I thought the Heritage neon green and pink Grandes were close to 90s flow.  They are still two of my favorite lamps.  Have I missed out on any others?

But you know, I fire up my Giants - and their flow beats all - Mathmos included.  I want Giant flow. 

I wonder if a request for LL to film this lamp for longer than, oh, ten seconds would happen...

For those who want to see a pic of the blue/green (and its packaging):

Have any better pics Bill? Or a better video? I need more info! That's too much money to just take a chance!

No....that's all I got Erin.  Sorry!

Erin said:

Have any better pics Bill? Or a better video? I need more info! That's too much money to just take a chance!

Well I still appreciate your efforts! Now someone buy one and do a proper photoshoot and video! 

I still can't pinpoint what it is that bothers me so much about the configuration of this lamp. I think it might be the length of the cap and general base appearance. I wonder if they were necessary to the function of the lamp?

Anyone get one of these yet? they dropped the price to $89.99 which is still too pricey for me.

I'm still insanely curious about these, but not $90 curious. 

They will probably get blown out to Amazon or another retailer at a lower price.

If they're refillable, I'd eagerly do an all-glitter one. Fill the outside with slow glitter and the center with fast.

Ummm... I like that idea, Jonas!

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