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Lava Lite has finally released their "double play" lamp- a lava core surrounded by glitter. It looks pretty, and its a little larger than the 52oz lamps. It says its a 18.5" lamp, as opposed to the 16.3" that is the 52oz. I really want to see a video, and I want to see the lamp in person, but it costs $109.99!! Is it really worth it?? I wonder if it will be successful at all... I will not purchase for that price, especially without seeing a video first... Here is a link to the page. http://www.lavalamp.com/premier-lava-lamp

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It's a interesting concept and I have to give it to LL for trying different things yes the price is a bit steep and there promo blurb about it is quite a lot of spin to say the least 

If it does make its way to the UK I would probably get one as i do like the unusual lamps. 

Has anyone tried to open the double play globe yet?

I have one, but have yet to try to open it.

Got to say, its not a bad lamp

Looks cool at night

I like it just not the colors. I have a pink/white one. Want to paint it black and make globe purple.

if i had not packed it away, I'd try to open it

It appears to be screw top but not sure

Its like a grande cap, but it appears to have a plastic spacer under it too. Probably what seals the lava portion and keeps it lava glass straight inside the outer globe.

Interesting concept, but surely this would work better with a tubular shaped lamp (Think something along the lines of a Mathmos Jet) with a more substantial 'lava core', the skinny little tube in the lamp shown looks almost lost amongst the glitter. :- |

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