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Lava Lite has finally released their "double play" lamp- a lava core surrounded by glitter. It looks pretty, and its a little larger than the 52oz lamps. It says its a 18.5" lamp, as opposed to the 16.3" that is the 52oz. I really want to see a video, and I want to see the lamp in person, but it costs $109.99!! Is it really worth it?? I wonder if it will be successful at all... I will not purchase for that price, especially without seeing a video first... Here is a link to the page. http://www.lavalamp.com/premier-lava-lamp

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If the flow in the center tube is like the video indicates buyers will be displeased. I hope it has decent wax flow. If it doesn't it would be interesting to goo kit one with wax in BOTH chambers....two different colors of course.

Wow!!  Super exciting flow!!!  NOT!!!!  That's not even china flow you got going on there!!!  China flow I would say is an upgrade to whatever that one little goo ball is floating to the top.....come on LL!!!  Seriously???

P.S.  Can we play that in slow-mo so I can catch that one tiny globule that just broke off that is floating to the top?? lolololol  If you look closely at the glitter, it doesn't even look like it is moving!!!


As far as gookitting or reglittering, I wonder if that center chamber is going to be able to be opened or will it be a factory sealed job?  Humm.....got my goo kitting senses going now!!!

I don't think these will be able to be fully modded.  One or both sections could be permanently sealed.


The prototype that Jim and I saw in early '14 was not sealed in the center.  We actually saw the prototype bottles in a top open state.  But that's not to say that the production won't be different.


Keith said:

I don't think these will be able to be fully modded.  One or both sections could be permanently sealed.

I don't know, but it seems to me that until they can get the lava to flow like it did in the 90s - Lava Lite is wandering in the wilderness.  

Who knows?  China is now allowing more than one child birth in a family, and they seem to be willing to address their environmental problems.  Maybe there is hope.

It would be awesome if Spencer's would get this model in stores. That way you could look at it first, on display, and also it would make returning much easier if it was not good.

Kirk...true with the exception of recent Grande lamps Lava has flow/formula issues.

Ian true. Spencers's would be great for checking it out. But most don't carry the pricey lamps.

I like the concept of the lamp as doing this rype of globe had crossed my mind a long time ago and I am glad they are giving it a go. But for Grande pricing it needs to be VERY good. We will see as people buy and report.

Agreed, Bill.  I thought the Heritage neon green and pink Grandes were close to 90s flow.  They are still two of my favorite lamps.  Have I missed out on any others?

But you know, I fire up my Giants - and their flow beats all - Mathmos included.  I want Giant flow. 

The Rainbow Grande and 50th Grande are both VERY good. Heritage still have the edge over them though.....but not by much.

I'm afraid of that paint on the Rainbow!!!  Some complaints of some of the paint in spots looking "rubbed" off....

So... has anybody bought one of these?

Tempting, but I'm going to need to see more than 10 seconds of video. WHY OH WHY does their marketing suck?

I would also like to buy from amazon.com since they have such a good return policy.

For now, I wait. 

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