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I just found an old early/mid 90's elektrick lava lamp from when I was younger.  It wasn't exactly 'abused', but I remember sometimes it was run all night (never over 15ish hours) and it was kept on a basement window sill (thick, non-see through glass windows).

It looked rough when I brought it home.  Slightly yellowed liquid and the wax was 'flaking' inside the globe.  I ran it a couple times (never more than 8 hours) and it actually worked really good.  The liquid cleared up a bit and the wax ran well (though I could see small patches of unmelted wax).

Unfortunately, after about a week or so the wax has started detaching from the coil.  It basically runs normal at startup, but eventually the wax separates into golf balls that never reattach to the coil and just kind of hang in the middle area of the globe.  Recently, the wax just sat at the bottom in a blob like a crappy china lamp and I think the wax might actually be a slightly darker shade (not sure).  I'm running it on a 40watt frosted bulb.

Is it dead, or is there anything I can do to save it?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try heating and cooling it to get it reattached to the coil.

So I tried cycles of heating the lamp and twisting it to get the wax reattached to the coil, but to no avail. After a week or so of this I randomly tried something different. While the lamp was cool, I inverted it until I got the solid wax chunk upside down with the partially embedded coil on top. Then I turned the lamp on so that the wax would heat first and the coil would sink into it. It's actually working again. I don't know what difference this would have made. Maybe hot wax attaches to a cool coil better than a hot coil?

I don't think I ever tried this with the many defective china lamps I had to return. I'm curious if this would work for a defective china lamp.

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