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Out of curiosity how has your collection fared during an earthquake of any magnitude? Did your collection survive? How have you Earthquake proofed them? I just started collecting, and I'm genuinely curious on how to prepare my lamps in case a strong earthquake occurs. I don't want to lose my collection. Especially my vintage ones. I live in California, so preparing for one is very important. I'd like to hear some tips and some stories good or bad about your collection after one. 

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Think you could use museum clay on them, they should be fine. I guess you could build or customize a case where the tops would be locked into shelf when you slid the lamp into place as well, overkill I guess.  There is always the option to move too, seems a bit extreme though! :P

Regards, MaGoo!

LMAO. Moving, now that's a thought. I'll try to get some of that museum clay. I think that should work. 

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