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Ebayniacs? Anybody? Please help me understand this...

Ordered a goo kit on Ebay. UPS tracking number shows up as "Invalid". Magmatower10 response is (quote):

"checking on it.  somebody fatfingered the numbers."

- magmatower10
Sooooooooo-My question is: Can anyone else think of a scenario involving UPS and Ebay which even CALLS FOR manual entry of tracking numbers? I can't! Everything is scanned, numbers are all computer generated.  I know I should jus re-ask magmatower, but at this point I'm feeling suspicious of their replies.  I'm hoping one of you can be the voice of reason, and tell me something to knock me off my suspicion-like HOW it could even possibly happen? Thanks yall-

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Well it's the day, that tracking number says it will be delivered today. So I'll let u know if I get it
Lol ups just dropped off a quart of goo for me lol

ha! so it was indeed your tracking number lol...total derps!

this thread is interesting.  i'm sorry some of you are having such bad luck.

I got my replacement quart of goo today.  Haven't had time to mess with it yet, but while I was waiting I have been experimenting with the speckled goo I first received.  The speckled goo would not flow either-it would dome up but that's all.  Soooooo-I figured, what the hayll...and I mixed me up a nice, super-saturated solution of water and epsom salt.  It didn't take much at all, but adding a couple of squirts of epsom salt solution definitely got my experimental lamp flowing.  I've never had good goo to compare to, but this flow seems marginally acceptable.  It sure reminds me of my china lamps with the big, round blobs.  Since I did use distilled water and the lamp was clear until the goo got moving, I guess the millions of specks floating around can be attributed to the contaminated goo. 

ya know im really impressed with the new LL lamps so i think im just gonna buy new lamps from spencers and use them in my older bases (like ive done with my neons) instead of trying to do another kit.



I may try that myself, Tiffany...

I know that the specks floating around in the lamp looks very off putting but in a way it looks interesting  I may try adding some glitter to a lamp to get a duel glitter and lava lamp.

I guess you followed the instructions for gookits but still got that.

Yep Tim, to a "T" the directions were followed.

I ordered the goo. It wouldn't flow. I contacted MT, and they said they'd send a replacement.

"At (your old address)?"

I freak out...and ask them WHY they didn't fix that address, after last time.

they said that "they did fix it, but were just being paranoid". ...WHAT?

Anyway, UPS says it was delivered today. IT WASN'T.


I hate to say it, but this was my very LAST delivery from them. once this goo is gone, that's it.

I hate to hear that, Loren!  They have a serious problem there, dang! 

And they don't even apologize, or even say thanks for the business! 

They should hire ME-I'd whip that place into shape!

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