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I just started work on my unfulfilled childhood desire to have a lava lamp and I'm starting a small collection.  I just picked up this Enchantress Planter 8200-N and I have two questions: 

1) do these appear to be original flowers?

2) the colors seem to have faded with time, wondering what these were originally.  When off/cool looks minty blue/green.  Looks more blue when on warmed up. 

Thanks in advance! 


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They look like the flowers are oringianal the globe is most lickly a faded blue / white if you can get the cap code that will say for sure.

thanks Tim.  When I unscrew the top there isn't a bottle cap but a red plastic plug instead.  Here's what the inside of the cap shows, kinda hard/impossible to read.  Thoughts?

Are you the Tim Gill from Denver?

Can't really make out what that says, but I still think it's a faded blue / white
I am not from Denver - Hampshire UK

got it, thanks!  I did some further digging and I think you're right, the flowers are original...same ones pictured here on an identical lamp to mine on hippielamp.com (gallery 2). 

Thanks again.  :-)

Flowers are original, and a plus - they are the less common of the two styles I've seen.  Also the globe might be faded a little, but it doesn't look like it's faded too much.  The flow is very good too.  Looks to be in pretty good shape for a lamp of its age!

Nice lamp for it's age!!!  It's still cranking for an ole lady!!!  Welcome to OG!!!! 

Those are the less common of the two flower styles seen on those, and that is indeed what was sold as a green/blue, may have faded slightly but not a lot. Nice lamp!

Found the following catalog scan today, from the 1972 Wards Christmas catalog.  It shows an orange/yellow century and a green/blue Elegant Enchantress with a flower arrangement that I don't remember seeing before.

cool, thanks.  I had assumed the blue had faded quite a bit but my lamp's liquid/lava look pretty similar to that one.  I guess I just wasn't familiar with these colors.  I also found this photo which has is pretty much identical to mine:


It is definitely a blue white globe....looks nice to me.

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