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Found this enchantress planter with original flowers at an antique store last weekend, didnt buy it because it was at the end of my antique store spree and I didnt have the cash to get it then and there. Its still there but I wanted to know if its worth it to get it and top off the liquid? They want $35 for it but the water is at half and there seems to be a streak of wax on the inside of the globe that runs vertical about half way up the glass (not visible in this picture)... The tag says "runs great" haha!



Can these be topped off with regular distilled water? I know the yellow tint might become less yellow if I just add plain water. Otherwise I recall reading that the older lamps had "propylene glycol" in them.... Should I use that? Is it easy to find in small amounts for just this purpose?



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Since the globe is only half full I would definitely offer them less, $20 to $25.  But still if you want one like this $35 isn't a deal breaker if the base isn't banged up.  The flowers are original and rare so that adds value.  You may be able to refurbish with propylene glycol and distilled water, or you may have to use another method.  One thing to keep in mind, if you goo-kit one of your centuries you can try using that fluid to fix this one.  Just empty the fluid and save in an air-tight container then transfer the fluid from the donor lamp.

I'd say offer $25, or even $20. And yes, great plan: try that blue Century's liquid in this, if you goo-kit or refill the Century. Just make sure you leave at least a 3/4" gap below the cap edge, and be sure the rubber disk up inside the cap is centered before you screw it back on. The Century may have a disk, a rubber ring, or no gasket.

I'd say $25, tops. With the liquid missing, you're in for some experimenting. I don't know if you can top off THAT much liquid with distilled. 

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