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I recently bought out the estate of a collector that passed away. I am in the process of remodeling my house so I'm looking to sell them all together if possible. Shipping/pick up would be the responsibility of the buyer. This is an awesome collection and the potential for serious profit is there for someone who has the knowledge/time. Here's what is included:


I have seven globes and 12 bases. Globe colors are purple with red (3), blue with yellow, clear with red, purple with yellow (2). Bases are three silver, one black marble, one wood and two burl wood (yellowish wood). I also have five bases that are NOS still in boxes. They are black marble, black granite, two burl wood and one wood. I also have two tables.


I also have approximately 20-25 grandes of varying colors/bases. Some are NIB. Some are the 50th anniversary gold bases.


For smaller lamps I have approximately 50-60 including several Ceramic Series special editions,Heritage Collection, Harley Davidson, KISS, Garfield, Beatles Yellow Submarine, Camel, Coca-Cola and the complete Decades Set (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s). There are also several starlight bases and some cool setups.

I also have boxes of bulbs for the Collossus, Grandes, etc.

If you text me at 850-525-2549 I'll text you pictures. I'll make a deal if someone wants to buy me out. Thanks!

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I think this is genuine!

I am going to be moving in about six weeks so if anyone wants to take advantage of this deal I'm willing to sell everything for $7,500 OBO. Text me if you want to work something out.  Thanks guys!

Also, if anyone is interested in just the Collosuses I would work out a deal for just those.

Anyone want to pool the $$?

Im in Pensacola... up in the panhandle.

Anyone live close to her?

wish colossus were ship able, ran into this issue many times, no way to acquire them unless you drive across the country to the seller.. still interested in that grande sized lamp i sent pic of circled..

Ditto.... it's not just the handling; the motion from being in a truck for any significant duration can turn your fluid to milk.

Add some heat in the mix and it gets really fun lol

Someday I will get my Colossus, just doesn't look like that will be today.

Still, whoever had this collection makes me look like chump change!

Yeah that's going to be the hard part for anyone. Everything I've read is that the only way to do it would be through UShip with someone that would pick them all up, secure them and deliver them directly to you. Standard shipping of any kind wouldn't be feasible.

This guy definitely had the lava bug. What's more impressive is that all of these were in a house that was no bigger than 1,200 sq ft.

I would love to buy a black granite colossus base and cap, if you decide to sell these separately. There are likely many other things I would be interested in buying, but there is no way I could possibly purchase the entire lot at once. No way.

I've put a price of $6,000 for the entire collection out there for anyone who can pick all of this up quickly. I am remodeling and getting ready to list my house so I need them gone. If you're interested text or call me at 850-525-2549.

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