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So I am back, again.  This time, all lamps are sold individually. Clearly selling them as a lot is not going to happen.  I now have time to do individual sales.  Below is the list of all my Fantasia & Cuda fiber optics. These lamps are RARE and half of them are boxed, new.  Please keep that in mind.  All my lava lamps are USA except for 2 which will be noted.  I will be including my Google Voice number for those of you who are serious and want to text me (this is easier for me).  Please do not call, text only.  I am hoping to save myself a lot of time by selling here first before ebay.


Anyways - here it goes...


Fantasia lamps
All lamps below this are BOXED: All lamps were either used once or never at all.  All lamps look brand new and come with their spray. Please note, starting price on boxed lamps is $100.00 and up.
4005 Serena   SOLD
1050 alpha - silver  SOLD
1050 alpha - gold
Love bug  SOLD
4001 ecstasy -SOLD
1101 firefly
202 cuda harmony  SOLD
101 cuda galaxy
303 cuda Saturn  SOLD


All lamps below this are NOT boxed: (some lamps do not have fibers.  some do.  they should be specified by the word FIBER next to their name) - MAKE ME AN OFFER!



Sunburst silver
Sunburst Silver - fiber  SOLD
Sunburst gold - fiber
Saturn - gold  - fiber SOLD
Centurion - fiber
Trophy - fiber
Love story - pink SOLD
Love story - black - fiber
Omni - fiber  SOLD
Comet - fiber
2x unknown  SOLD
2x car glitter graphics
Bird glitter graphics


All lamps below are Lava Lamps - USA made unless otherwise specified.  There are bases and caps.  Some bases may have slight dents/knicks or dings.  Some of the caps are plastic/metal.  Some caps may be cracked, chipped or dinged.  There are no major damages.  Please let me know if you want the globe only or the entire lamp. Lots of rare colors here.

Grande yellow/purple - CHINA
Teal/clear boxed
White/blue boxed
Yellow/clear tube blue cap/base - CHINA
104d pink/white tube white cap/base  SOLD
Purple/clear boxed
52 purple/clear
52 black/clear SOLD
2x yellow/blue
2x white/orange
2x blue/clear
Mathmos 52 white/clear SOLD
Icon - purple splotch - peace cap
Icon - moon and stars w/cap
Icon - peace w/cap

Misc. Lamps
These are other miscellaneous lamps/lights.They are rare and awesome in their own right.

Dark Star - Lava lite
Sculptured Electra blue/blue - Lava Lite
Owl Fiber Optic lamp - plug in - beautiful  SOLD
Firework Fiber Optic Lamp - plug in - beautiful  SOLD
Hobby Opticals - Fiber Optic Treee Lamp - build it yourself

Miscellaneous Lamps and Items

7' Evergleam Aluminum Christmas tree - in the box - all pieces - beautiful
4' Evergleam Aluminum Christmas tree - in the box - all pieces - beautiful
3 x 3' Aluminum Christmas trees - in the box - all pieces - beautiful
HUGE 18" Blue/Green lucite grape hanging swag lamp. Chain is about 15 feet long.  Stunning
2 x Vintage Orange Beehive lamps - new 6' wires w/thin old style plugs
2 x Vintage white tower lamp - new wires

I will respond to acceptable offers. Please do not low ball me.  I don't have a lot of time these days. Please also remember, this is my personal collection that I have been doing for years.  It is the largest known Fantasia collection in existence.  I love it and will miss it however it needs a new home.  These lamps are history in more ways than one.  They will never be made or seen again.  Own one of them!

I will post some pictures shortly as well as link to my flickr account.  If you are interested - please message me here or TEXT me at 310-746-5933

Please - SERIOUS inquiries ONLY!  All items will be shipped via USPS priority w/insurance or UPS w/insurance - your choice and shipping costs will be added.

Any questions, let me know!


MORE PICTURES CAN BE FOUND HERE - http://www.flickr.com/photos/79694484@N00/sets

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Thank you for answering my question, Kris.  I think Erin is going to be mesmerized for a loooonnngg time.  LOL   I wish I had room for a huge lamp, but I can't think of a place I could put one safely.  
K尺工ち said:

No problem :)

Only the tips light up.  If the strand is lighting up, there might be some light leak.

Marley's Ghost said:

Yep, I've got Erin's Firefly and got the Love Bug and Alpha from Kris today.  There is a light show goin on right now!!!!   Do some of these lamps, like the Alpha just light up on the "tips" instead of the entire fiber like the Firefly does?   I am really diggin the Love Bug, as is my husband and one pup.   The other pup is traumatized for life.....LOL   Thanks, Kris!!
Erin said:

I've already had MANY fiber optic splinters today already. I received three fiber optic lamps today. LOL 

I love it. I had a Firefly, Galaxy and Centurion before this and nothing compares. 

Nevermind.  I remember now :)

Just put newspaper in the bottom of her cage and clean it up in the morning, tweet tweet ;)

Critter said:

Clean up at Erin's house....clean up at Erin's house! LOL

Erin said:

Lamps arrived today. SUPER packaging! AWESOME lamps! Highly recommend people buy from him direct before these hit eBay - GORGEOUS LAMPS! 

Thank you so much Kris! Both lamps are amazing and I'm pooping my pants with joy! :) :) :)

I'm glad someone bought the Omni before I was tempted to spend any more money. My collection will be expanding by one shortly though :)

Excited to see what jmpenny32 has in store for us!!

I know this mainly a lava lamp forum but I must admit, my first love is fibre optics.

Brown santa. LOL!!!

I think we're all thrilled with our "Kris" shipments!   I wanted to leave them all all night. 

A glorious lava day! The globes should clear Critter - mine always do unless they're made in China. 

Nice.  I like that copper!

I love that pink on the white base, Critter.  Brown Santa was really good to you today, they are all great!!   I love copper too!


Yeah, they should clear.  Just don't run them for a little.  Keep them cool and you will be good to go.  That's the only issue with shipping lavas during the heat.  Very nice lamps!

Quick, Critter, turn off the two lamps you were just firing up!!  Kris said to keep them cool.

Whew!!!   LOL, that was a close one!

Critter said:

They're off for now! LOL

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