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they spit! rofl! my cousin was teasing one of them at the zoo and he got spat on the mouth...
Oh really? Lamas and Alpacas do too. My brother had to watch some of those for a neighbor and after feeding, hea always came home covered in slime.
Yay! They don't tell you about that on the Alpaca commercials.
Hahaha! good one LampH. Is that your hand about to be bitten by the camels?
Here's one for you Mark and your llama duty.

That is a great pic LampH! heeheh

And also thanks Woodvetch for the vid.
Now that song will be stuck in my head for the next week!!

Lol! or should I say Llama? heeheh

Bohdan you are so right....it was right to the car wash, we had food bits inside the car everywhere. Woodvetch thats my wifes hand ready to be bit..LOL . They are actually Camels, they had several of them there. It was a drive through zoo in Virginia we visited a few weeks ago.....this is the llama...

The llamas would stand infront of the car so we could not drive off...very funny stuff


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