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Over the lsat month, I have bought a bunch of candle dyes from various online retailers and am trying them out in my ebay and craigslist collection of about 12 lamps that i bought to tinker with.  Dye blocks are $1-$5 each and 1oz bottles of liquid dye are around $5.  Both are extremely concentrated and will color dozens of lamps.  Usually about 10 drops is enough to color a 17".  These are pics of the first day of flowage.  It is hard to get a good pic of a flowing lamp.  For some reason, the way I make them finds them a little cloudy for a day or two.  They almost always clear up within 1-2 cycles.  Still trying to perfect getting them to last.  About 50% start sticking to the glass after 2-4 weeks of regular use.








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The white wax dye working pretty good?

Yes, I got that at Hobby Lobby.  White color blocks, very concentrated.  I am going to try diluting some colors by adding some white.  

Mr MaGoo said:

The white wax dye working pretty good?

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