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Up for sale is a silver lava lamp grande base and cap that came with a walmart grande.

The base has 1 dent and some small dings. I also had to cut the felt on bottom to get access to the nut so I could tighten it as the post with the socket was loose. The base came out of the box that way despite the box having no damage. Go figure.

I am sure the dent can be removed.

I tried the base with several grande bottles I have and all worked fine. No overheating or other issues occured so the height of the socket seems fine.

Ask $15 plus shipping as I just need it gone as it's sitting in my place doing nothing.

Please contact me if you have interest via PM.


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fyi next time you need to get under the felt just peal it off.. its stuck on with sticky stuff that can be pealed and put back on 

kk thanks guys now someone buy it so i dont have to toss it

Someone buy me

Someone buy this or I have to chuck in in the trash soon.

NEVER toss out a lamp part

I am way to tight on room. There is change coming to my complex and they will be doing some demolition in my place. Every bit of room will be needed as I need to rearrange alot of stuff.

I just can't keep holding on to things, I have to keep what I use and don't keep thing I don't.

If I were you I would try and grab the aquarium soon. Don't forget you get $10 off, so you know what the new total is already.

Your temporary problem is obvious.

You now have a need to move to have more room,  so you can own more Lava Lamps. 

Never gonna happen lol.


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