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Here is info for our ever growing knowledge of Fantasia Lamps. Saturn goes as this.... 4 color slots at lower base line are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Color stays as is when lamp is on. Cord is unlike any I own, as it is a two part that detaches below roll switch if you want. Actually like that as it could be beneficial for storage or not having hanging line when not running not to mention if anyone is like me and goes thru a process on placement its nice to not have line attached until you decide where you want it. Cords can be such a pain right.. this is cool. Also Gold tone metal base sits of feet which surely is for ventilation reasons but allows a pretty slight under-glow of the color wheel as it rotates. 

Color wheel is in the 7 shape not pie sliced. I have photos of my Omni color wheel for shape reference.  t 8 color changes... 2 deep Golden Yellows, Purple, Blue , Aqua (blue-green) and get this.. Peach and 2 Deep Pinks.. Spray does rotate and is glorious in the way its round pyramid shape reflects as good as a mirror from under.. Spray size is small .. like the Alpha would take but I don't think would interchange as the metal stem is longer 

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