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Hello i am now in the market for one of thos Fantasia Fiber Optic lamps but want to be sure I buy the correct one and not a cheapo.

I understand some of these have diffrent names and differ in quality.

Some also have cheapo replacement aftermarket fiber sprays.


I am looking for an all original and want to consult with the experts found here on this site.

I know that there are members here that know what I need to look for when Purchasing a Fantasia Sunburst lamp.

Please feel free to talk about what to look for and what to stay away from.


If anyone wants to sell one at a reasonable price please feel free to make an offer.

Thank You


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Glad you started the thread.

Big question is - what's a "reasonable price" ? These lamps in great shape with excellent sprays can get up to $325-$350. If you wait it out, you can get one maybe in the $175-$250 range. A new one was listed yesterday, brand new, in the box from the 70's, sold for $475 - buy it now.

Price determines what you get and how long you wait. If you can give us an idea, we can give you some more info :)
Hello Astrobaby and thank you for providing that awesome LINK it is very helpful.
I had my eye on this auction but wanted some feedback from anyone who knows something about these lights.
Here is the link : Vintage 60's 70's Retro Lamp Chrome Fiber Optic Light - eBay (item 150416753429 end time Mar-23-10 16:04:24 PDT
any info would be helpful.
Thank you
Did you buy it? Are you still looking for one?
I decided to stay away from that model and just go with a low profile fantasia ufo or firefly.
thank you
There is a Galaxy model up there now.
Hello Kris Can you please send me the link or item number please?
Also I would like your opinion on the lamp .

It's a good lamp to have and start with.
Oh yes I was watching this one. What do you think it should sell for?
What would be a good price to win it for?
I do not want to bid too high.
Very nice Lamp
Thank You Kris
Yep the sunburst and like models are going for big bucks. there is a cosmos on Ebay for a grand!!!
Hmmm, is that a Galaxy? doesn't look like mine. Also the seller says it's only 6 inches across??? My Galaxy is much bigger. And he says it rotates, mine does not. did they have different models of the Galaxy?

It does look like it has the better quality glass fibers tho.

I got mine NOS for $70 under buy it now. Perhaps a little much for somed...but it was BRAND NEW! The box even smelled like a Spencer's store from the 80's...brought back some memories.

I think 70.00 is a great price for a NOS.
Seems like no one offers buy now on these anymore
I guess they are hoping that a bidding war will bring big bucks.
Shit. That auction is for an ALPHA. Not sure where I got Galaxy from?

I remember now. Yeah, it's an Alpha, not a Galaxy. I am going dumb. Lol :)

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