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I was never fond of glitter lamps, until I bought my CrestworthTelstar Living Jewel:

I love this lamp! ( this is my fave right now).

And I want to know more about this kind of lamps.

I believe they contains toxic liquids (Perchlo or Trichloethylene) and not manufactured anymore for this reason.

And I was told the way to recognise them is to check if all the flakes stay at the top when the lamp is cold.

I saw this lamp for sale:

Definitively a modern china lamp, but as you can see, the flakes stay on top.

So, do the chineses continue to use forbidden toxic liquids, or is it something else?

Another lamp I saw on ebay:

This Jet has the same flakes like the ones in fast glitter lamps, but I asked the seller if they stay on top when cold, and he told me not: they go down when cold.

So is it a fast glitter lamp, or a slow one with big flakes?

Any infos on glitter lamps (fast, slow, glitterlite, living jewel) is welcome.

I know there is a lot of knowledge on this board, so it is time to show off :-)


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I'm wondering whether to put a few glass marbles in the bottom of the bottle

- displace the liquid up, but remaining unseen?

The glass marbles trick worked GREAT for me!

Well, I may have made a mistake:

Freon (R11) is trichlorotrifluoromethane aka CFC-11, not trichlorotrifluoroethane aka CFC-113.

So it's not the same.

Anyway I think it is nearly impossible to find today :-(

PS-mine is slow glitter (big pieces, about 3mm square each/on bottom when cold) and the solution working for me is about 3/4 tap water super-saturated with epsom salt and about 1/4 is some liquid from a LL china lava lamp recently bought from Spencer's. heehee Bet that ain't in the recipe books...

But, it works! Video on my page ...

Good luck with your's!

Are you taking the ??? ha ha ha

Honestly have you tried it?

I have a lovely blue/green Living Jewel bottle ... but its low on liquid (evern with a tall cap on)


Jus said:

The glass marbles trick worked GREAT for me!
Honestly, I did place glass marbles into my glitter lamp in order to raise the level of the fluid line at the top. It worked great, did not change the lamp's function, and being clear glass marbles it was undetectable they were even there unless you were looking straight down into the lamp.

Seems safe enough to experiment, as marbles could be removed if not the fix for you...

Good luck!

PS-to be more specific, I actually used those clear glass flat-bottomed stones commonly used in fish aquariums...

Great minds think alike ;o)


I just saw this picture which confirm what was written on the add you saw:


Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Apparently, Living Jewels contain freon, then! Thanks for that, Astralav! The old Living Jewel ad says that they contain "trichlorotrifluoroethane, a liquid many times 'safer' than that found in home stain removing kits." Perchloroethylene, sometimes known as Perc, is or was used in the USA for dry-cleaning.

I know some people have had good luck topping off French lamps using the bottles from the Fantasia "Glitter Lamp" shown above.

From this page:


trichlorotrifluoroethane can be mixed with methanol, alcohol, isopropanol and trichloromethane.

So maybe there is a way for adding some liquid in lamps needing one centimeter more liquid, without degrading the properties of the original liquid.

What do you think about adding alcool?

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