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OG Mod Team - it would be great if we could do an actual pole on Oozing Goo.  Just sayin'! 

So which Mathmos one-off lamp gave you the biggest chub or got your panties in a bunch the most.  "All of them" is not allowed, Santa says you can only select one.

Lamp Number One

Lamp Number Two

Lamp Number Three

Lamp Number Four

Lamp Number Five

Lamp Number Six

Lamp Number Seven

Lamp Number Eight

Lamp Number Nine

Lamp Number Ten

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Lamp Number Four for me.  The color combo is stunning.

The silver astrobaby, the second lamp, for me! Although, I don't think I could complain getting any of them. I'm so glad mathmos did this, take notes lava lite!

Its so hard to pick just one..... No4.

I think I have to pick ten.

Number nine is my choice.

I could pass on #1 and #3.  Don't get me wrong, they look great.  They just don't grab me.

#7 would make a dramatic statement but it's not my favorite

#'s 4, 5, 6, & 8 are fantastic!  Still not my top choice though.

#9, well blue, blue marble!  Ya gotta be great to top that!  And they did!

#2, Oh Boy!  What a beautiful sculpture!!  Worthy of designing a whole display around!  But still. . .

#10, are you kidding me!  White translucent base and cap, that beautiful blue wax?  Yes please!!

I love all of them, but if I had to choose, number 10. Hopefully they use some of these ideas to expand their current lineup of exactly one Fluidium color combination.

Where's the lunar?

lets keep it simple  :)

george s. said:

Where's the lunar?

#10 under the tree and #2 in the stocking, see what I did there  So Santa Jim, please send them to...wait you should know where I live, you see me when I'm sleeping so.

Unfortunately due limitations with the Ning platform a built in polling system is not available. You can try something like survey monkey though. That said number 10 gets my vote. 

Number one. I realize this is just a gimmick or promotion, but I don't get why they just don't do a limited run of all of these, they'd certainly sell.

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