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What is a filter pump that I hear everyone talking about to make the liquid clear. Oh and how do you get one and how do you do it and all that good stuff.

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This topic has been discussed several times in the past. There is an excellent thread in the old archived forum.
In nutshell:

Pump: MSR filter pump (the smaller one that filters to .3 microns). Available at many camping stores.
Tip: Epoxy the rubber seals at the top and bottom of the filter element before using (they tend to leak past the seals over time).
1. Always leave a little bit of air in the pump when filtering.
2. Fully pump the liquid contents from the cloudy lamp into a clean container.
3. Make sure you completely empty the pump at the end of the operation. Pump out all the foam, and let it settle for a few hours. This ensures that you account for as much original formula liquid as possible.Pour this liquid into your clean container.
4. Rinse out the old globe with distilled water. Get all the remaining crud out of the globe. Make sure you get all the sediment out from under the wax.
5. If required, remove the wax from the original globe, and clean the inside of the globe.
6. With the wax in the original globe, pour the filtered liquid back into the globe.
7. If the fluid level is low, top up the globe with distilled water. Always leave a bit of air at the top of the globe!!
8. Run the lamp and, if required, balance the density of the liquid with sea salt (Don't use table salt. It has sugar in it). Never pour salt directly into the globe. It will settle out under the wax. Always dissolve a bit of sea salt in a bit of the liquid, then pour this mixture back into the globe.

That's about it.


This is the exact one I should get?
Thanks alot boss. How do you un and recap the Grande's though?
Thanks bud!
a few questions. do i need to rinse the globe out with distilled water? the lamp i'm going to filter isn't that cloudy. secondly, what kind of clean container do you use?

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