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Ok - Six Feet Under (Bert) was nice enough to send me a filter pump to use. I got it in and started pumping. I have a few questions..

1 - How many times do I need to filter a grande to see results? I can't tell if it's doing much but I have filtered it at least 1 times, if not 1 1/2 times already.

2 - How hard should I have to pump? It seems pretty easy to pump this thing. I just want to make sure all is good.

Lastly, what I am doing is pumping a pitcher full, 3/4 of the lamp and then dumping it back in. I have done this twice already. I will keep going if it takes multiple times, but I am just needing confirmation.

Also, the ceramic core inside is cracked. Will that effect performance? I left a vm for Bert to find out if that happened before or during transit and whether it was ok. I will feel bad if it happened in transit. :(

Ok gurus, just let me know!


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I just got back from picking up a replacement ceramic filter. I can already feel and see the difference. I think because of the cracks, the water was just being forced through them. It felt like it. Plus, anything will take the path of least resistance.

With the new filter, I feel pressure. It feels like it's doing what it's suppose to. The fluid is also much clearer. It's filtering so good, some of the dye in the water has been removed. Lol. Of which Bohdan, how should I go about fixing that? Or should I just finish off the blue and make it a clear/white grande?

I am open to ideas :)

BTW Bert if you read this - thanks for the pump :)
Well - good news. The lamp is CRYSTAL clear now. I ran it for about 8 hours and it's still clear. I am going to pick up some food coloring to get the water back to a nice blue again. The filtering stripped most of it out. It's got a cool contrast but I prefer more blue. The flow on this lamp is really nice too. The wax is a deliciously creamy - vanilla.

What I did for filtering was filter pump it out and then I filter pumped it back in. I then topped off with fluid from a china clear/red. No issues. Lamp is full, running nicely and pristine! I could not be happier.

I was reading some past posts and you mentioned the McCormick food coloring. I will be picking some of that up today.
Here is a link to one. Exact same one. Search and you can get one used/new cheaper.


This thing is a godsend. The brita method became costly and unreliable. Ruining more lamps than it fixed. This will not ruin a lamp and will filter the hell out of it. I was really amazed. It's so good it even stripped out the color.
Thanks Bohdan. Picked up some food coloring at Target. I wanted McCormick but these things can't be that different. I added it and the color is superb. I just don't know how dark I want to go yet though. I am currently heating it up to see if I like the color.
Here are the pics. I have the lamp running now so will get some of that after it gets going.

This is the lamp after the filter. Nothing done. Looks much duller in person. With the lamp on, it looks sickly.

Blue White Grande Filtered No Color

This is the lamp after some coloring. Looks 100x better. I have not decided how dark I want to go yet.

Blue White Grande Filtered Color

Maybe Vixen will post a before picture. I don't think I have a single one :(
Well, here is the flow - I think I am pretty happy with the color. Not too blue, not too green. I am thinking possibly, adding 1 or 2 more drops. I will see. However as of now - it seems perfect. You tell me..

Blue White Grande Flow 02Blue White Grande Flow 01Blue White Grande Flow 04Blue White Grande Flow 03
I think it looks awesome.

I did add about 4 more drops of blue to the lamp. Color is perfect now. :) It flows so nice too.

Here's the dang blasted thing before I sent it to Kris... Been this way since she arrived 4 years ago.
I can't believe how beautiful it turned out! Very nice job, Kris!
Yeah, I was really stoked with how it turned out. I actually look forward to running it now. So beautiful and the flow is perfect! Love the color. Now all I need to do is find a black grande base and cap. I will make a post on that.
That looks very nice, well done

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