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Ok - Six Feet Under (Bert) was nice enough to send me a filter pump to use. I got it in and started pumping. I have a few questions..

1 - How many times do I need to filter a grande to see results? I can't tell if it's doing much but I have filtered it at least 1 times, if not 1 1/2 times already.

2 - How hard should I have to pump? It seems pretty easy to pump this thing. I just want to make sure all is good.

Lastly, what I am doing is pumping a pitcher full, 3/4 of the lamp and then dumping it back in. I have done this twice already. I will keep going if it takes multiple times, but I am just needing confirmation.

Also, the ceramic core inside is cracked. Will that effect performance? I left a vm for Bert to find out if that happened before or during transit and whether it was ok. I will feel bad if it happened in transit. :(

Ok gurus, just let me know!


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"eat up filters" how many times / lamps can a person filter before having to replace the filter in the pur.
does anybody know how long the filter works of the MSR ?
And how i have to clean it ?
The PUR filtering method for me - ate up 1 filter on 1 go around. That was on the blue/white grande I did. I went through 4 filters. The filter lasted for 1 pass and that was it. After that it was super slow to filter and did nothing to improve the fluid. At $10 a pop, it's a waste. Rinsing the filters will result in a non working lamp as water will be introduced to the fluid and it will destroy the flow.

Filter pumping with the MSR is 100x's better and gives a perfect result every time. Cleaning and how long it lasts is listed in the instructions. Easy to clean and lasts a very long time.
I have cleaned the MSR with water and after that i pumped it totally empty with much air pressure.
I think it will not realy damage the Lamp fluid, because the Lamp fluid is made of destilled water too, and one drop water will nit damage it (i think ;) ).
So I take that the pur filter method is more for a one time / one globe use type deal??
The filterpump will make your liquid a little bit bright brighter... But i like this, because the most Lamps (special the Grandes) has too dark water ;)
Thank you, yeah I will have to go with the pur method for now, I just started collecting lava lamps (hardcore) and only have a couple that are cloudy. Im sure the msr is great but untill I have a bunch of cloudy lamps it dosen't seem worth the price.
Please remember, we should all respect each other's opinions here and not resort to pettyness and namecalling. Everyone has their own view as to what is right for them and we should accept and respect that.
Here I have two photos of the flowing lamp i have filtered.
Is it normal that the wax has so much air bubbles ? (before filtering it was like this too).
The wax is very transparent, but it looks much different to normal lava... I like it :)

The air bubbles will worth themselves out over time. Just keep running it regularly. The lamps looks really nice btw. Good job!
I love the translucent look of the green wax you got there great job.
HELP!!!!! ok so did the pur filter method last night, the liquid turned out really clear and nice.BUT now the lamp will not flow it just heats up and sets there. Was I supposed to do something after, or something special? I used distilled water to soak the filter in before installing it in the jug.

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