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Got me a MSR filter and attempted a filtering of my super cloudy 50th! Only thing is I don't know how I lost so much water! I could have sworn I didn't spill that much! Maybe after running it, the perc bubbles let out some water!

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Nice filter results! I strained out an old glitter grande and ended up with a lower water level when done too, seems it vanished into thin air! Liquid level will rise once it gets hot, hopefully it will rise up under your top cap.

Yep exactly! I'm heating it up now with the rubber stopper slightly open to let out some pressure. Depending on the flow I will prepare my distilled water accordingly with or without a little epson salt. This lamp was originally about 1" below metal top cap full. So I'm missing roughly 2".

Bummer! I have wax going up the sides. Strange thing is that I didn't have this issue before...

Yay, completely emptied the globe, gave a good scrubbing and carefully put it back together! Lesson learned: Replace lost fluid before firing lamp up again, not doing so probably changed the perc ratio in the fluid. 

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