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Hi all,

I recently scored a few brand new Mathmos bottles that unfortunately are victims of the recent batch of cloudy clear fluid - the clear/white baby bottle I have is particularly heart breaking as it looks about 80% as good as it should, especially when it's sitting next to other bottles with truly clear fluid.

So, has anyone out there tried filtering one of these and had any luck?

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They say to use a camping filter, it's approx £80 (Tiso camping ) but I'm sure you could get it cheaper on eBay. I'm not sure the make but I'm sure someone can name it....Goodluck sounds like a nice bottle.
Hi Astro, yeah bad news on that front I'm afraid...

I got my clear/white baby bottle from electric planet and it's pretty cloudy. I've had it for nearly 6 months and it hasn't cleared. I contacted Mathmos about it, sent photos and explained the situation and the person I dealt with kindly agreed to organise a replacement to send out to me - she said that they'd even managed to turn up one last clear/white bottle, so I was feeling pretty good about that.

Unfortunately it never turned up - I live in Australia and I'm pretty sure that it would have been posted out on their regular service that most likely doesn't deliver here, and with the factory move and all, who knows what happened to it... (Incidentally, this is actually what happened to my bottle from electric planet - they sent it out with their regular service and a month later still no bottle. I had the tracking number and rang royal mail. They said that service doesn't deliver to Australia and it's in a holding warehouse in Belfast. I let Electric planet know and they sent another one out straight away).

So, after a heap of ignored follow up emails, I rang Mathmos and was told that the person I was dealing with had left the company and that they'd get it sorted. Since then, nada. My emails have been completely ignored - I only tried twice and then gave up, as they obviously intended me to.

I've been nothing but patient and polite with Mathmos (and have the email record to prove it). They were good enough to stand by their product initially, and very generously agreed to replace my bottle even though I'd bought it through electric planet.

I didn't see much point in dealing with electric planet about it all as clear/white was discontinued by then and I think the chances of all of their remaining stock being cloudy would have been pretty high. They only would have returned the bottle to Mathmos anyway so I thought I might as well go to the source.

Anyway, I'm now stuck with a quite obviously defective brand new "clear"/white that cost me a lot of $ to get here, and Mathmos have put me in the "ignore until he goes away" basket. Obviously it doesn't help that I live in Australia as the postage is freaking astronomical from the UK, but it's a pretty disappointing result. Sheesh if it was a cheap chinese knock off I wouldn't care, but $86 AUD later... ouch.

Wow what a saga! 6 months and counting... Sorry to bore you all with this, but the next step is to try filtering as it seems I'm not going to get any loving from Mathmos any time soon I'm sad to say...

So thanks for the responses everybody, I guess the next lamp savings $ will be spent on a filter instead of a lamp - yay :-[
Thanks for the replies guys :)

I've seen most of the material on filtering in the forums - just wondering if anyone's had any luck filtering the brand new Mathmos bottles that came out at the end of last year with cloudy clear fluid...

(I also have custom clear/red and clear/orange astro bottles with brand new clear fluid in them which came from brand new clear/white bottles and they are both slightly cloudy. The clear/white baby bottle I mentioned is original and is very cloudy)

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