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Hello all! I'm currently doing some repairs on my 7 year old lava lamp. Everything is going smoothly, got my surfactant measured correctly and it's now in the lamp. I got a question about the dye I'm using though. I purchased Clubhouse red dye (ingredients in picture below) because I couldn't find McCormick. Will this damage the wax at all? Thanks!

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Unfortunately it reacted with the wax and fogged up after 12 hours or so. I think it was because there was citrus acid in the dye which just doesn't sound good at all to be mixing in with the wax. Had to dump the lamp and start over which was difficult considering I didn't have another bottle of surfactant to waste haha. Until I get some epsom salt and dawn dish soap this project is on hold.

Keith said:

Any food dye should be okay.  Red is a hard beast to tame though.  Too little dye won't be red and too much might not be red either.  But the brand you have may easier to adjust.  Let us know!

John H said:

While I have you guys here, do you know if any brand of food dye will work to colour the water? I can't find McCormick anywhere so I got some red clubhouse dye. 

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