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I got some canning and candle wax a few months back and noticed the wax wouldn't sink. Since then I have gotten a Gookit and I notice the wax is a lot different than the candle wax. The texture is more "vaselinie"  then then the kits wax. I also got some soy wax just to test it out and it has the same strange feel as the Gookit wax but it floats as well. Does anyone know the secret to sinking wax?

Here is the specific wax I got


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I have wondered what beeswax would be like. 

Me too. I just don't want to spend that much for something that may not work.

Erin said:

I have wondered what beeswax would be like. 

I don't blame you. I just bought some propylene glycol and glycerin to try and fix a lamp. It's a case of me needed a tsp or two, but ended up spending $15 on the stuff.

I think in order for the wax to "sink" you either need to change the density of the water or add something to the wax. Look at the formula here for tips:


Good luck! I'm tired of paying for GooKits, too! LOL

I found this on eBay. Seems pretty cheap.

If all else fails with it, lava-wise, you can always make chapstick!


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