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So i have this yellow/green 52 ounce globe dated 1998. And all it does is this? It just makes a blob with a tail and does nothing else? I've tried different bulbs, changing the temp in the house with no change. I was hoping not to have to open this one but i might now have to. Can anyone help with this one? Thanks!!20190927_151303.jpg

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I would try lining the base with foil, where the lamp sits

Like an "O" ring

You do know that each lamp has its own personality right?  No two lamps will flow alike.  I have some that usually snake most of the time, or column, some that have dual flow, one snakes up and one snakes down, this is in the same lamp!  Just remember this before you want to pop it open and "fix" it.  Just my two cents... hope it helps!  Good luck.


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