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Fluidium Grande 75cm (29,5") China Lamp now available in Germany


the very nice fake Fluidium Grandes are now available at a serious german online Store!
75cm (29,5") high Fluidium Fake for only 79,95 Euro!

I order one today!
Two colours are available, but I think, I want to use a goo kit..
(Are goo Kits available in Germany? I think, shipping is very high from the US Seller on Ebay to germany)

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On the website they say, that conrad sends in more than 140 countrys....

E-Mail: international.sales@conrad.de
Nice :)
I will camp in front of the door on this day :D

This is sooo nice!
I talked with the china company a few weeks ago because of this lamp. I cant believe that this is real!
lol, very cold for camping ;-)

I think, this is great, so the price is good and you found in every bigger city here the stores..

Have you use a goo kit for the lamp?
I send you a fried request :)

I am from Cologne and the next conrad store is in Bonn. The Cologne Conrad closed this year :/
I got my two lamps directly from china with the airplane.
The yellow one was totaly clear. The pink purple one was totaly cloudy.
After filtering the pink one the liquid looks very ugly. And the wax too.
So i removed the original liquid and put in distilled water with gookit surfactant and antifreeze to make the water heavier. Is working ok now, but the wax is still original and ugly.
The yellow one is bleading yellow dye into the water... very sad.

But the lamp will worth all the money :) You can refill it with a goo kit anytime...
Wow 100w bulb, these must be BIG!
True Marcel, sorry they're a dissapointment to you. They look good though and a replacement goo will make them even better.
Yes :) Looks very big next to the Grande.
On this picture you can see my yellow one on the first run.

Fluidium Grande: exact 40cm viewable glass
Lavalite Grande: exact 33cm viewable glass

Here a picture of my pink purple one after filtering. As you can see, the wax looks brown :/

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