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Well my patience ran out waiting for my used fluidium to clear up. I read mathmos lamps take forever so I decided to replace the liquid. I saved the liquid in a bottle just in case, or for when I find myself in a situation that I can get it filtered somehow/somewhere.

Anyways here is what I did:
-added water
-salt solution
-soap solution

First added the water and turned it on, when the lava became fluid I added some salt solution. After a primary reaction the goo settled down again. I kept adding salt solution until the goo begun forming a slight dome. Then I added some soap solution to break the goo surface to create blobs.

Succes? Neh I don't think so. After a long wait period the lava warms up but it looks well... bad. I mean I love the clearness of the bottle now but the lava is all bubbly. It looks like air bubbles but it can just as well be liquid bubbles All I know is that some bubbles like in maple syrup are fine but this is too much. Maybe I added too much salt/soap? Or maybe too little?

Any and all advice welcome.
as pictures speak a thousand words:

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I would start over by pouring all that liquid out and rinsing the bottle a number of times to get it as clean as possible. Note: Usually you should only have to add 2-3 drops of liquid soap. I do that right after the rinse and the final refill of the water level, I then add the 3 drops of soap at this point. Make sure to keep your water level down lower (2 3/4" below top of the globe as a ballpark level), thus allowing for a good amount of salt solution to be added. It sounds to me like you didn't have enough salt solution in your mixture ratio. Now put the globe back on the base and turn on the light. Let the wax get molten for about an hour or more for warmup, then with an eye dropper start adding a dropper at a time until you reach the point where the lava flows to the top of the lamps water level. That should do it. Remember it is a fine balancing act so take your time. Also note that times for the wax to get molten again etc.. will be dependent on the size of your lamp etc... Good luck.
Thanks all. I finally gave up on making the correct solution. Instead I asked my father in law (who works in a lab) to filter the original fluid. It looks great now!
Cant your father check, what is inside of the fluid and wax ? *G*

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