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I followed the great and highly recommended recipe here:
Using a second hand Mathmos Astro lamp (red lava). It works great, but after 3-4 runs the water gets a bit cloudy (happened after changing the water 2 times already). Do you have any idea where the problem could lie?
Our tap water is "hard", meaning that there's a lot of Calcium in it (from the Swiss mountains)... could that be the reason? Or could it be the dish cleaner soap (it's standard, eco-friendly soap)?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've run into this problem on a couple lamps that I filtered because they wouldn't clear up. They're completely clear after filtering, but cloud up again over the next several runs. If I re-filter, the same thing happens again. I clean the filter using distilled water, so hard water shouldn't be an issue in this case.

Distilled water is better to fill it with, Also the salt is known to cause the clouding,

Thanks for your replies, guys! I'm definitely going to try distilled water with my next attempt.

So regular salt (sodlium chloride) is clearer than epson salt - or what do you suggest instead? Any experiences with Mathmos Astros and gylcerin or propylene glycol?

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