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I have decided to focus my collection on 52oz lamps only, so I will be selling the two Midnights from my small collection. I want to sell them together to save on shipping and hassle. In addition to this, you will also receive a spare, liquid-drained 32oz bottle with carefully removed and re-usable cap, with some yellowed (burned?) wax and coil still in it.

The first lamp is a 1996 Midnight, black wax, clear liquid. There is an ever-so-slight tint to the water that I guess seems to be a problem with all the black/clear Midnights. The flow is awesome and very snakey and blobby. The glass has some very tiny imperfections near the bottom where it touches the base. I will get close up pics tonight. The base and cap are damn near perfect. NEW Frosted 40watt bulb included.


The second lamp is a pink/clear Midnight. This one runs awesome and has a great slow flow to it. It also has some very very faint glass imperfections near the base mount as well, but not as noticable as the black one above. The water is crystal clear initially but after about 4 hours it does start to take on a slight milky appearance but it could just be my OCD kicking in... The base and cap are prefect but the rotary switch on the cord sometimes makes the bulb flicker if wiggled around too much. NEW Frosted 40watt bulb included.

The drained bottle is from an old Midnight white wax / blue liquid that I was going to try to refurb. I removed the cap very carefully using a small flathead screwdriver and it is totally re-usable. The coil looks like it should be good to go too, the lamp flowed good before i drained it with no disconnections from the coil at all. The only picture I have right now is from before I drained it, showing how orange-ish the white wax had become. I will get better ones tonight.


And for good measure, another pic showing the black and pink Midnights, cropped from my collection pic:


I am looking to get $28 SHIPPED to anywhere in the US for all of this. Paypal or money order accepted. Would also take a trade for any US 52oz.. PM me!

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Sent friend request to pm, am interested in both

aaaand SOLD!!!!

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