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Fellow Lamp Lovers,

As some of you have read a handful of us OG members jumped on the "Mathmos Editions" wagon as soon as these new lamps hit the street.  

For me I was quite thrilled to get a chance to get these especially the White Marble variant.  I used forward2me.com as the parcel forwarding service to get these lamps shipped to me and the shipping process went a bit rough. 

I'm posting this because I want to be certain to give credit where it is due and have this thread be about forward2me.com's great customer service.

The operations manager at Forward2me.com contacted me after he actually saw a post by me here on OG and went about figuring out "just who is this customer?".  Forward2me.com only knows me by my real name not my forum name.  So the next morning I have an email in my Gmail account from the Operations Manager stating that he saw my post on oozinggoo.com and wanted to apologize and make it right.  Yep....he monitors OG for customer satisfaction!!!!  

Yep, you read that right.....THEY HUNTED ME DOWN to make it right!  Isn't that just amazing?  I cannot recall any merchant or service provider ever doing something like that for me.  I did not call or email them to complain....I figured the situation was what it was and I'd just need to make the best of it.

I'm not going to go into details about our email correspondence and all the details about items in the roughed up package.  I will say that I'm more than satisfied with how kindly I was treated and am satisfied with their apology offer.  I truly am quite thrilled with them.

I just want you all to know that these guys and gals in the UK are really trying to run a top notch outfit and they want our business.  I know they will continue to get mine.

Thank You Forward2me!!!!!!!

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I'm really glad to hear this, Bill.  

While all my forward2me shipments of mathmos lamps and Ebay items have been received in excellent condition, it's nice to know that if something were to go wrong, the forward2me customer service is INCREDIBLE!  They are setting their own very high standard of service.  

As you know, I really like them and the DHL shipping.  They are making it possible to obtain those coveted Mathmos lamps.

Thank you, forward2me!!

That would be a question to direct at them but I would guess definitely.  I think they really want our business and I think they are learning how to best handle items like these lamps.  Mathmos packaging is really sharp but they do not put much more than a thin cardboard wrap around their metal bits and then put that in the thin, printed box.  I think that forward2me will very likely take a bit of extra care with items from Mathmos.  

The Operations Manager did tell me that he addressed my very case with his staff in order to make all aware of the issue.  I'm sure this was done in an earnest attempt to help make sure these types of events are few and far between.


analoghaze said:

Good to know.
May I ask if they made a corrective action to help resolve this from happening again with Mathmos lamps shipped to USA?

Wow, I seriously cannot believe that they monitor the OG board!!!!  They really do deserve all the biz they get if they are that diligent with their CS.

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