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set up this morning at a local antique market.....i went inside to see one of my friends and he had 10 lava lights sitting there.....i bought a boxed minty mediterranian and a bones icon lamps......the rest were all common stuff.............
the med is minty.....he said it wont flow...but the light looks brand new
the bones will be for sale...it needs a few touch ups around the back[i dont know any artists];]
pics later....

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Mandy, check your inbox ;)

super nice straight legs on the med.
josh if the first person passes on the bones...i will contact you

baby...we have not even tried it yet.....
If you interested in selling the Med please let me know. Thanks.
yes it has the reflector...it also has a 25 watt bulb... its the correct one according to the sticker inside the base
its dated dec 1975 inside the top cap
i just ran it for 5 hours....the clump of lava stays at the top....the wax at the bottom becomes liquid but does not dome or even move a little....
Here is one that I refilled. It has the reflector inside and the sticker says 15W.

pics for gypsy........
OOOOHHHH! Hubby's gonna love this!

before and after pics...

Awesome finds!

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