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Hello!  Doing some spring cleaning and have 2 lamps that I don't need.  I was going to sale them on ebay, but I'd rather just offer them to you guys!  If you are interested just send me shipping $$ through pay pal and they are yours! 
They are good lamps-I've repainted the base a dark brown and both the lamps flow well.  I have a toddler running around so I'm down to the bare minimum which is just vintage.  These lamps are maybe a year or 2 old.  They might be good for a project! 

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Those are unusual shapes...where did they come from?
definitely seen the first one sold on amazon uk - possibly the second too.
The "torpedo" shape came from ebay so I'm not sure, and the more rectangular shape came from Big Lots. It's base was originally black.
I love red lava lamps, I think they would look great if the bases were re-repainted black.
I'm not sure how much shipping would be-if you are interested I can take them to the post and email you how much I spent? I already have them packed up so it's just to send.
Yeah that sounds fine, just tell me what it will cost and your paypal info and i will take care of it asap.
Great, most likely I will get to the post tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted.
I need your address. I'll request you as a friend so you can send it to my inbox or email.

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