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Quick question--Does it matter if you use a clear 40 watt appliance bulb instead of a frosted one?  Will a clear one fade the liquid?  Or does just sunshine fade the globe? 

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I believe all bulbs give off a very small amount of UV light, but nothing that would harm your lamp. If anythng, a frosted bulb may give your lamp a softer light than the clear bulb. I use 100 watt frosted bulbs in my Grandes and 25-40 watt clear bulbs in my 32 oz. and 52 oz. 

Ah, thanks.  I just changed out the clear 40 watt bulb in my Enchantress Planter for a frosted one and it doesn't look as good as the clear one does with the colors.  I did this in fear that the clear one would fade the globe.  But if that is not a concern I will change it back.  I do drape T-shirts over them during the day when the blinds are open to protect them from the sun.

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