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GemLite Mystique 750 finally arrived! Beautiful!

My Gem Lite Mystique finally arrived.  I bought this some time ago but it was in Indianapolis so I had my cousin pick it up for me.  He was in town today so I finally got my hands on it.  It is even better than I'd hoped.  And the box too!  Wait, it gets better, not only did I score this gem (pun intended) for a very reasonable price, my cousin refused to let me pay him back.  I spent quite a few years restoring his 64 GTO and even though he paid me for my work, he considered this as a thank you for doing such a great job (his words, but I AM proud of the work I did on his car).


Gem Lite 750 Mistique



They made these with lava too didn't they?  I'd love to have one like this with lava.

One other observation:  It is pretty interesting how much colorful sparkle that cheap bit of colored cellophane on the bottom adds to the effect.

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Only difference is that now it has redline tires on it.


No, that's fine.  Never learned how to make direct links on this site.  Easy everywhere else, but it is different here for some reason.  Teach me how and I'll post more photos.  It is a real tripower/4-speed/Safe-T-Track car.

 analoghaze said:

Damn.... I gasped seeing that car.
Way nice. My eyes poopped out of my head.
I hope you don't mind, but I am actually posting a direct link of the car into this thread.
(I will delete if you do not want it)

Nice lamp and car!

When I add pictures to a discussion I right click on the pic, then select copy image, then in the reply box I again right click and then select paste.  Works every time, like this:

I just hit the image button (2nd button up top of white box 2nd in from Link button).  That asks do you want to upload pic from your computer and allows you to search for pic.  It will upload it directly into discussion.  No copy, pasting, nothing.  But everybody does it different I see.  Nice gem!!!  I just recently got into glitter so you know I am truly mystified!!!  I just got my 1st 2 glitters.  Scored good deals on both (one is thanks to my good friend Haze), 2nd a NIB ebay score.  Still look on ebay every night for more.  They had a gem on there for like 300.00.  Way out of my budget right now.  Nice ride too!!!  Would luv to be cruising in something like that!!!

Here is the car's "motorvation".

Beautiful glitter flow, a true Gem!
I love Americana, GTO, Gemlite...what a great era

A quick video of the flow of this lamp.  This one is unusual in that it does not look like it has ever lost any fluid.  The motion is dynamic and quick.  The glitter is large and sparkles like fireworks.  The video shows the motion, but doesn't seem to really capture the color very well.

I posted it in the video section, but here is the Youtube link.


Lava Simplex GemLite Mystique Model #750 in action

The motion shows up a lot better if you go to YouTube and watch it in full screen.  Crappy video from my phone.

A few of my other junkers.

Dang you could eat off of those engines!!!!!

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