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Hi, I'm planning to buy a mathmos lava lamp from German and getting it shipped to the UK. Obviously the plug will be different. I was just wondering how easy it would be to change the plug over so the lamp would work in the UK? I'm not sure if the voltage is different ect... and that would make it harder to do or would a simple german to Uk adaptor work?

Any help will be really appreciated thank you :)

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Hey, I get lots of my lamps from Germany. You can use an adapter like the one you mentiond, they only cost a few pence. Or better still just change the plug, the voltage and stuff is all the same.
i have the orignal mathmos adapter maplin sells these for about a pound also a shaver adapter also works.
Thank you for the help, I really wasn't sure about buying it because wasn't sure I could get it to work in the UK. The replies have put my mind at ease and I will go ahead and buy it.

Thanks again for the help.

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