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I'm planning on getting a few (4) Mathmos lamps. And thanks to Erin's help, I'm jumping in with both feet. I want to get a Smart Astro, a Fluidium, a Fireflow R1 and either an Astrobaby or Telstar. Has anyone heard of any flaws with any of these lamps? I really like the whole concept of the Fireflow and how it runs on a candle, so I might substitute another lamp for one more Fireflow. Thanx for any help.

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There have been a few people that have had LED issues with the Smart Astro, I believe theirs were the first version, so you may want to be careful about where you get your Smart Astro.

Dont get a fireflow...their (I know it's they are and not their...) small, they overheat quickly, sometimes they dont work at all...in one word: shit! A friend of mine had several and I saw them run and was totally disapointed! Fluidium is also tricky...some are great, some have grainy way and liquid bubbles trapped in the wax and some go cloudy. To be totally honest I would prefer to buy them second hand...something's strange about their new formula...

people have had mixed reviews on the lamps your suggesting - some say that they are all bad. - That the fireflow is a waste of time, the fludium is rubbish and the smart astro doesn't work at all.

Personally I haven't had bad experience with my fludiums - I have got one completely from Mathmos and another only the bottle is from Mathmos and they work fine. I would recommend putting them on a dimmer though as the halogen lamp heats up the wax quickly.

As for the fire flow I have one and its bad but that was one of the first models and the formula wasn't right but I believe that the new ones are ok.

As for the smart astro yes there have been issues (especially with the first models) and with the new ones as well so as its a new product tread with caution and maybe wait a bit.

My advice is if you want to get these then do but buy them all direct off Mathmos - that way you have the most up to date product and if there are any issues you can deal direct with them.

Ok Tim's right, at least when you order directly you have a warranty if they dont work properly. I personally would prefer a used orange fluidium over a new yellow or green one but thats just me. Anyway I hope you are happy with your lamps in the end!

I've had all 4 fluidium series one and only the orange one has the flow I like...well....and the custom blue one I made was flowing well too, but it was made with astro wax.

I love my Smart Astro. It was from the first run and I haven't had any problems. I got an extra bottle for xmas and that is fine to. I had a fireflow but wasn't too keen. I to liked the idea of it running on a candle. It worked fine but I found it didn't have the glow of the Astro so sold I it and bought a Mathmos glitter from Ebay and love that. Its just trial and error on what you like some you will love and some you won't. But a least we have Ebay to help get money back on the failures. If you can afford it I would buy new from Mathmos as they do have a guarantee. I bought a new one from Amazon but it didn't sit right on the base and Mathmos wouldn't help because I didn't get it from them. I also think Mathmos sell some of their seconds on to other retailers, who then sell them at full price.   Good luck

The only mathmos lamp I bought was a green fluidium. The first globe was bubbly, grainy, cloudy, and overheated very quickly, sadly running the lamp only made it worse. My second fluidium globe is not as cloudy, bubbly, or grainy, but it does flow a lot better. I am still pretty disappointed with it. I plan on buying a smart astro soon, I will post the results.

I have two Mathmos - a Jet and an Astrobaby. Jet is perfect, and the Astrobaby is good. Jet has no flaws whatsoever and was bought 2ndhand from a US seller. I had to convert it (I have a how-to thread on it, too). Astrobaby was bought new from Electric Planet (from the UK). It's nice, but the globe doesn't sit on the base perfectly; it wobbles. I will be converting it this week. 

I wouldn't hesitate to buy either of these models. I'd hold off on the Smart and the Fluidium, unless you can buy from someone who has pics of it flowing. Flow and lack of bubbles are imperative, and sadly, I've been burned by way too many lamps by not asking to see pics of it flowing. 

Per today on FB, Mathmos says they're selling via LampLust at the end of the month. That would mean US wiring, one would assume. But they also said they'd have a US store up and running by last October. 

I just want to thank everyone for the help and advice, I really do appreciate it. I think I'm staying away from the Smart Astro(bad LED's) and the Fireflow's(bad flow) for now. I'm going for an Astrobaby, a Fluidium and maybe a Telstar. I'd like to get a Jet, but the website didn't have any for sale. The only thing, since I'm in the US, I can't order directly from Mathmos. Mathmos doesn't deliver to the States, so I will have to take my chances through a company that sells Mathmos lamps.  Thanx again to everyone. Matt

You can order from ElectricPlanet: http://www.electricplanet.co.uk/category/92/Mathmos-Lava-Lamps

Or, you can buy from eBay UK. Some sellers will ship to the US. 

OR, EVEN BETTER, pester KrissyfromWisdon - he's selling some lamps and he's a member here. :) 

Good luck. :)

I really think you should consider a Jet. :)

Yes, you gave me that website, and that's where I want to order from. I didn't think they were an actual Mathmos store though.

Erin said:

You can order from ElectricPlanet: http://www.electricplanet.co.uk/category/92/Mathmos-Lava-Lamps

Or, you can buy from eBay UK. Some sellers will ship to the US. 

OR, EVEN BETTER, pester KrissyfromWisdon - he's selling some lamps and he's a member here. :) 

Good luck. :)

I really think you should consider a Jet. :)

Erins right Jets are nice and are a really good starting point for Mathmos lamps, unfortunately Jets have been discontinued since the 90's but there are plenty on UK Ebay and Krissy is selling of a lode of lamps I think a lot of them are Jets.

I have had dealings with Electric Planet and they are a very good company - they are the best for shipping Mathmos lamps to the US.

I too will be getting my first Mathmos Astro lamp next week from their site, i was wondering if the colour makes any difference to flow or general quality of the current lamps.

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