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Giant on the way - dented base and slightly low fluid - need help

I have a lovely Giant on the way from eBay. The base has a dent in it and the fluid is a tad low. 

I'm looking for help getting that dent out of the base, as it looks to be significant.

Also, and I'm not real keen on opening up a Giant, but the fluid is a little low, and I'd like to top it off. I know these were made in 1996/1997 and I am willing to find and sacrifice a globe to top this off. I'm always scared of using distilled in case it ruins the flow.

If anyone has any advice on either of these issues, please share! :)

Thanks in advance! 

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I'll give that a try. Thanks for the advice. 

matt01165 said:

Hello I you have a stubborn giant! Try wrapping the base with a thick towel. cover the entire lamp for a while.

 I have had to swap the bases around between giants because all bases are not created equal for some reason.


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