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Hi all!  I’m trying to find 60w r20 incandescent bulbs for my glitter Grandes, but can only find 50w and 100w.  I have a couple of dimmers, but not enough for all of the lamps.  Plus, the 100w r20s are $11 each, and that’s buying bulk!

Has anyone successfully run their glitter grandes on either a 50w incandescent or a 60w halogen?

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Are these the right bulbs for the lava Grande?

Satco S7001 100R20/FL 100W R20 Medium Based Pool & Spa Flood Lamp

You weren't kidding - I can usually find anything but cannot find the 65w variety anywhere!!!

Pretty sure but you can get the 100W bulbs ($6) directly from LL and be certain but yes, 100W R20 flood , medium base:

LL Bulbs

All of my Grande Glitter lamps run on 45W  R -20.  I used to use 60W and 100W sometimes on dimmers however the globes would get hot after 6 plus hours of running unless kept on med-low so I switched to 45W and they look great generating much less heat and run as they should. Nice and bright and save energy. I keep all my lamps whenever I display them on dimmers.  The Grande glitters look awesome late at night set on low.  The glitter slightly slows and the lamps look like you've captured the desert sky filled with stars or a piece of the universe in motion.   Total coolness.  

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