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What's the best way to clean the inside of a globe. I was dying wax by melting candle wax dye in the globe and the globe being in a pot of boiling water. Well I guess some residue or some sort of crud is coating the bottom half of the inside of the globe. Any ideas how to clean it?

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I wonder if by doing this you could eliminate the air bubbles. Oh my god they take away from the globe.
If you're referring to bubbles in the wax than i do believe so Matt. Heating the wax over the coil has done wonders for me in bubble elimination.
Well I need to fit this into a 20oz globe. Any further suggestions?
Oh no, I meant the air bubbles trapped inside the glass of the globe. GLobes made in 1996, and 2002 seemed to have the most. It's so annoying, well to me.
Oh you mean imperfections in the glass. That's natural. That's just truly the nature of the beast with hand blown glass. Sorry bud.
ugh :(
Heat water to boiling (I use a glass measuring cup in the microwave) and pour in the globe. Let set for just a min. or so and then begin to swish the water around. (Wear gloves...ow...hot) then before the water cools pour out. It may take 4-5 times to clean a globe, depending on the amount of scuz in it, but it will come out. If it is still being stubborn add a few drops of dish washing liquid to the hot water. The kind that is ment to clean pots & pans is best. JUst make sure that you rinse any soap out of the globe before refilling.
Oh I forgot, you can put a towel over the top of the bottle, with the hot water inside and SHAKE THE DEVIL OUT OF IT! That works good too.
Bert's got the deal. I use the hot water shake like crazy method too. It works.
Yeah but are these methods ok if there is still wax in the globe that I wanna keep in the globe?
OK this may sound like an uber stupid question but how do you go about doing a transfer without getting molten wax all over the inside of both globes?
Even if you get some wax on the inside of your clean globe, it will melt back down where it should be after running. If it wants to stick a little, take a towel and drape it over the lamp and let it run for a few hours with the towel on top. This will make the globe extra hot and will melt any stubborn wax residue.

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