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It won't go on a 40 so I put it on a 60. Could I fix it by adding more surf? Also it appears that wax is sticking to the globe but only where the wax is when it is off.

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I want to see it, i bet it will help lots of people. People need to make help forums so we don't have to have these conversations over and over.
There is such a forum, it's just that there so much information to sift through, but the search bar feature helps narrow it down.
that's not what I'm talking about. The search bar needs some work in my opinion. I just added 9 ml of surf so let's see what happens

this is the problem and questions forum





well i added 9 ml of surf and it is flowing now. It is pretty much the same.
I put it on a base with a 40 watt in it and it stopped flowing and started to sollidify
Give it time a kit will take a good 4 hours to get going.
cool, i love my goo kit, and i may do a groove tube lamp tonight

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