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Here is my boy Floyd who i rescued after my other cat passed away. Hes a mix of a GQ model and Baby Huey, just a big dumb animal lol.

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Thanks friend. It's been a tough couple of days. xoxo

George said:
Hey there Erin , hope you are ok , big bear hugs from me xo

  This is BirdMan, I had him 18 years before he took his last flight..I know how it feels Erin :(   I was the only one who could handle him, he would bite everyone else :)


  This is my last Dobe, her name was Hershey but I called her BigRed


And last but not least my current Dobe, her name is "Molly" but I call her Moose



BirdMan! LOL 18 years is a good run! That's great. That Doberman is HUGE! I love your pet names Jim. :)

I adopted this big guy Saturday His name is Floyd.

Now imagine if you dyed his fur Pink.  Awesome kitty!!!!

Dr. WHAT?! said:

I adopted this big guy Saturday His name is Floyd.

maybe for halloween
here is MiMi.. she love to lay by the lamps and candles  and Azriel whom has a serious dirty foot fetish..she will come and rub and love all over my or anyones feet every chance she gets..lol

We decided the cat should dress up like a squirrel this year.  The other option was a banana.  He did chase a bird in this outfit.


That's awesome. LOLZ

this is so hilarious.. my cats would of lost their minds , and after realizing they had no escape froze in spot until I removed outfit...

I must say though,  your cat looks like its being humped by a stuffed animal..lol

I want to stuff that dog in my pocket. So cute. :D

A couple of pics of me and my vicious cat.  He got his money's worth and then some.  Surgery was 2 days ago. :-( 

When not being bathed you will not find a sweeter cat.  Completely forgiven, but not forgotten.  He goes to the groomer from now on.

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