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GOOLAMP Glitter Bottle for Lunar FOR SALE!

Hi everyone.
I want to show you my new Glitter Bottles suitable for the Mahmos Lunar Lavalamp.

You can order the bottles in my new onlineshop, or via PM here in OozingGoo.

The Price:
148,65USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping
134,35GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping
149,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping
Shipping examples:
USA: ~70,00 USD
UK: 18.80 GBP
Germany: 6,99 Euro

There are 14 amazing Masterfluid colors available, which can be combined with a filter color on the bottom of the bottle.
In the table (see picture) you can preview all combinations. I already preselected and restricted the options to the most beautiful colors.

The heating period is very short. After just around 5 minutes, the glitter will start to rise and after just 15 minutes the entire movement will be visible.

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That looks interesting.

Thanks for your reply.
Would love to get some feedback or improvement tipps :-)

Magnus Vikberg said:

That looks interesting.

I was able to reduce the price. You can find the new price in my main post :-)

planning when money permits to get some for refill some old jet bottles :-)

If you are planning on this, you should buy the GlitterKit 700ml which ist for Jet and Astro baby Bottles :-)
It costs £22.38.
Link: http://goolamp.com/en/home/12-2387-glitterkit.html#/92-masterfluid_...

Johnny said:

planning when money permits to get some for refill some old jet bottles :-)

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