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got some spare Crestworth Galaxy parts, does anyone need?

Hi, I havent been through all the boxes yet but I found a motor and fibres for the Galaxy. Does anyone need them?

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Here here, let me know. Thanks!


Oh damn, now I just wrtote a guy asking for them and said he can have em. I will check who was first to respond tomorrow. you are also in the us aren't ya? btw I dont know what you need but there are two motors available as I installed led in my galaxy. Only one fibre spray though.

Yes, Arne, in Texas here in the US. Thanks for checking.

MaGoo! I can use the spray and a motor. Thanks again.

Alright then, you can have a motor for sure, about the spray I'll let you know soon...theres also a transformer I dont need. Problem is, the other guy who wrote me did so via included message in a friend request so I cant see the date anymore and I deffo wanne play fair and give the first who asked the chance to get the parts needed. will get back to you as soon as I have a reply from him and also I wanne check the motors before selling them....or maybe we could arrange some sort of cage fight for the spray...or how do texans handle things like this!? ...and yes I have been informed about the chieldish nature of what I call humor...have a nice weekend :) see you at the epic fight for the galaxy

Not sure if its worth it though...at least one planet is fucked up beyond repair...

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