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My grande spring snapped around a month agao.  The wax just sat in a lump in the bottom as a result.  I  removed the spring cleaned it and repaired it (by hooking the ends together) and dropped it back in.  However it wouldnt flow.  So I started adding saturated Epsom salt solution to the liquid.  I got it to flow but it was a little cloudy.  So I replaced the liquid and have been adding Epsom salts to this little by little.  I now get flow but not very exciting.  It is one big lump that goes up and down and that is about it.  Any suggestions please?

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Hi John, there is a slue of info on this board that can help you fix your issue. Just use the search feature located at the right hand corner of the board.
You need to add a phosphate such as dish soap but in very very small amounts. This "Soap" helps to reduce the surface tension where the water molecules bond allowing the wax to flow easier.  This allows it to break into globs. I suggest liquid soap diluted to a 3 part water 1 part soap and add 1SMALL drop at a time to a warm lamp if you color the soap and water soloution you can watch it go down and when it hits the wax the wax may split let the lamp run for awhile before addinfg more soap. Small steps here are a good thing.  If there is too much salt in the water the colored soap water may just float on top as it will be lighter than the salt water, If so, Gently stir or lean the lamp over on an angle and gently rotate it Have fun
Thanks for the advice.  I will try soap and let you know how I get on
The clouding may have been Epsom salt, when i used it in a 52 oz it clouded a lot. When i used non-iodized salt in my 32 oz lamp it didn't cloud and more than before. Also non-iodized in a 52 oz test lamp without cloudiness.

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